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Not So Bright

3 Dec

I appreciate that there is no good time for NStar to do its routine maintenance, but do they always have to do it in Brookline overnight on weekdays?

I mean, how many people have alarm clocks that are plugged into the wall? Doesn’t NStar realize that if they shut off the power overnight, however briefly, that all those alarm clocks are going to need to be reset, and hundreds of people may oversleep for work the next day? Continue reading


3 Dec

If you’re at all interested, just wanted to point out that my profile of Jennifer Hudson, which appears in the new issue of Continental, is now online. Jennifer, you may recall, was a finalist on American Idol a few years ago (the year Fantasia won), and she’s likely to be an Oscar-winner for her role in the new movie, Dreamgirls. I got to chat with her on the way up, which I thought was pretty cool.

Also in this issue is a story about the new show High Fidelity, which opens on Broadway this week (it’s based on the movie and book). You may recall I saw the show when it was in Boston a couple months back, and while I didn’t love it, I did think the music was good. Anyway, I hope the show does well regardless.

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