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Passing It On

9 Dec

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
— Albert Einstein

On the surface, The History Boys is about a group of British high school students trying to get into Cambridge and Oxford universities (aka: Oxbridge). But it’s also about the value of book smarts vs creative/free thought, and about an inspiring teacher with unconventional methods (including a penchant for quoting random film/music/poetry), and a teacher with a habit of fondling his students while giving them rides home aboard his motorbike, the value of education in the real world, and much more. Think Dead Poets Society with British accents and a gay subtext. The theatrical version of The History Boys won a record six Tony Awards in May (including Best Play), and it’s no wonder — this is a really interesting and enjoyable story, with great performances across the board, plenty of quotable lines, and a great message. (If you don’t know, the film’s cast and director are the exact same ones as the Broadway play.) No doubt you may overlook this movie when so many more-hyped films are at the multiplex these days, but if you’re looking for something less-than-mainstream, give The History Boys a try. I give it a strong B+. (And yes, I realize this review doesn’t even come close to justifying why I liked the movie so much, but I suppose I’m just at a loss for words — ironically enough.)

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