Here Comes the …

27 Oct

Alright, fine: I’ll admit this blog post only exists because I thought it’d be funny to show a still from Corpse Bride on the eve of Mitzi’s wedding, especially since it’s also Halloween weekend.

But it also gives me a chance to say, publicly, how much I’m looking forward to the wedding — and I’m not just saying that because Mitzi reads this blog, or because I can already taste the pigs in blankets.

I’m lucky enough to have a close relationship with my sister — she is truly one of my best friends — and I’m really happy for her. Hopefully I’ll tell her as much in my toast tomorrow night, and hopefully I’ll convey how special she is to me, but considering the toast is still mostly in my head, who knows what I’ll actually say.

Alls I know for sure is I can’t believe the wedding is tomorrow.

When Mitzi and Jason first got engaged almost a year and a half ago, it seemed like so far away (and some days it seemed like the day would never get here).

But here it is and it should be a great time.

Of course, I’ll be posting some kind of report (even if it’s a brief one), but if you just can’t wait, then head on over to the “Weddings & Celebrations” page of Sunday’s New York Times. (Not today. Do it on Sunday.)

I’m told there’s a better-than-average chance that something may be there.

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