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Now I’ve Seen Everything

13 Oct

Randomly bumped into Joe and Marie as I was walking home tonight, so we grabbed dinner at the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse and then, of course, got some dessert at J.P. Licks next door.

J.P. Licks had changed some flavors since the last time I was there, and now they have some new ones, including Chocolate Macademia, Butter Brittle, and Manischewitz Wine Sorbet.

So our eyes …. wait, what was that? Did I say Manischewitz Wine Sorbet? Yes, I did.

Needless to say, we had no interest in that. Continue reading

The Sox Won?!

13 Oct

This season of Lost is already off to a great start. The first five minutes of last week’s episode was mindblowing, and then the last five minutes of this week’s episode was equally great. And according to today’s Boston Globe, the show’s creators didn’t just pull the Red Sox reference out of their asses; they had a plan to use it all along. Then again, as Eric Wilbur writes: “You want to see someone go bezerk in a few weeks? Wait until Ben tells Jack the Sox didn’t re-sign Pedro or Lowe in lieu of Matt Clement and David Wells. That’s not going to go over well.” Anyway, Lost is back, and I don’t just mean from summer hiatus. I am totally intrigued by everything that’s happening with the Others, want to know more, love all the possibilities, and can’t believe it’s going off the air after six episodes (it’ll return 13 weeks later, in February). Click on the above image (or click here) to watch the Red Sox clip from Wednesday’s show, or go to to watch the full episode.

And while I’m talking TV, maybe I’ll share some thoughts about the other shows I’ve been watching:
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip had a great pilot, a not-as-good second and third episode, and now with the fourth episode I’m a fan again. It’ll take a lot for me not to watch this show, even if I wasn’t enjoying it as much those two middle weeks.

The Office just hasn’t been nearly as good or as funny as last year was. They’ve gone and added the one thing the show lacked: a plot. And now it has prolonged scenes of seriousness (like in the awful premiere episode four weeks ago). Last night’s episode was the best one so far this season. But the show won’t be much good until Jim returns to Scranton. I don’t want to see a spinoff show where Jim moves to Stamford.

Grey’s Anatomy. So good. Sooooo good. One of the few shows I will watch ASAP if I’ve gotten home late. (And by the way, I love the season two soundtrack, especially the Gomez track “How We Operate” and Get Set Go’s “I Hate Everyone.” It’s worth buying.)

I didn’t love the pilot of Six Degrees so I stopped watching. But I had it on last night after Grey’s Anatomy and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I think I’ll make an effort to keep up with this one.

I still love The Amazing Race. One of the best, most unpredictable shows on TV. (Though I’m still a week behind and need to catch up.)

Like Lost, Desperate Housewives has also been better this season than last. Though I’m not sure why everyone loves Marcia Cross. Eva Longoria is the funniest actress on that show. She’s so good you don’t even notice how good she is.

Otherwise, My Name Is Earl just doesn’t do it for me anymore so I don’t know how much longer I’ll be watching, 30 Rock I recorded on Wednesday and will watch this weekend, Saturday Night Live is a waste of time, I don’t think I’m going to bother with What About Brian, and after one episode I’ve given up on Heroes, Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters, and The Nine. With those last four, I figure if I’ve missed them and don’t make any great effort to catch up, then what’s the point of recording them in the first place? So I’m passing on them. I have enough to watch as it is.

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