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What Time Is It?

29 Oct

The nice thing about being lazy and not changing my clock in April is that when Daylight Savings Time comes around again in October, I’m all set.

I knew there was a reason I never got around to fixing the time in my car …

One Ounce Makes All the Difference

29 Oct

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend: four ounces of hair gel is just too much for one man to have.

Both times at the airport, of all the things I had in my bag — shaving cream, a razor, toothpaste, etc. — the only thing that got confiscated was my hair gel.

Apparently, three ounces is the limit, and God forbid you have one measly ounce more.

Thankfully there are drug stores in NY so I was able to get more, but I mean, can you just imagine how styled my head could have been with that one extra ounce of gel?

I could have been the best-coiffed guy on the plane!

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