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So Funny It’s Painful

8 Oct

Movies don’t get much funnier, grosser, painful, oh, and did I mention funnier than Jackass: Number Two. In fact, I think the only movie that may be funnier than this one may actually be the original Jackass movie. There are skits here that had me tearing up I was laughing so hard, especially a pretty harmless one involving Chris Pontius dressed as the devil. Others I could barely watch they were so gross. And another skit is so un-P.C. that the fact that one guy is wearing a beard made of, uh, hair from between the guys’ legs is the least offensive part. God bless Johnny Knoxville and his crew. They are crazy sumbitches. They’re the kind of guys who, before eating horse crap, hesitate not because, well, it’s horse crap, but because it has fuzz on it. Three cheers for Jackass: Number Two. It gets a B+ from me. (What? They all can’t be The Departed!)

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