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Idiot Is Too Kind a Word

3 Oct

I went to see High Fidelity tonight with Liz, and at the Boylston T stop afterward, we bumped into Kristina, who was taking the B line home.

So Liz and I got on with Kristina, and I rode out to Babcock St. and walked home from there. When I got to my building, I got a bit of a scare: my car was not in the parking lot.

Holy shit.

Did someone tow it? Was it stolen? Had I parked it in the wrong place? Continue reading

Grady’s Revenge

3 Oct

Is it so wrong for me to want the Yankees to make it to the World Series this year? I ask because I’m rooting for the Dodgers on the National League side, and wouldn’t it just be great if Grady Little got a second chance to beat the Yankees on the national stage? And wouldn’t it also be great if Nomar could earn his own World Series ring? I’d love to see Bill Mueller and Derek Lowe back in the Bronx, back in championship form like they were in 2004, and for Grady to do everything right — or at least right enough — so he can exorcise his own demons from the 2003 ALCS. And that’s on top of how cool it’d be from a historical standpoint for the Yankees to be playing the Dodgers (I’ll bet Fox Sports is already preparing the intros to hype that series). To clarify, I’m not rooting for the Yankees to win anything. I just think this matchup would make for a fun Series, and it’d be the closest thing we’d have this year to the Sox making it all the way … like they were supposed to have done. (Whoops. I forgot. I no longer hold a grudge against the 2006 team. Strike that last comment.)

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