Idiot Is Too Kind a Word

3 Oct

I went to see High Fidelity tonight with Liz, and at the Boylston T stop afterward, we bumped into Kristina, who was taking the B line home.

So Liz and I got on with Kristina, and I rode out to Babcock St. and walked home from there. When I got to my building, I got a bit of a scare: my car was not in the parking lot.

Holy shit.

Did someone tow it? Was it stolen? Had I parked it in the wrong place?

No. Duh.

I had parked it on Beacon St. at the St. Mary’s T stop, just like I always do when I go downtown after hours or on the weekend.

So because it was 10:30, and the T is less frequent heading inbound at that hour, I had to walk all the way back to my car to get it.

And of course, it started to rain as I was walking.

So didn’t I feel stupid.

But lo and behold, there was my car, at the St. Mary’s T stop, right where I left it.

Duh. Sometimes I can be such a moron.

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