What Day Is It, Kids?

17 Oct

Since it’s Argyle Wednesday, just thought I’d post this lovely pic of Britney Spears walking around L.A. wearing a nice argyle sweater. (Thanks to Celebrity Terrorist.)

In honor of the day, I too am wearing an argyle sweater, just as I do on most Wednesdays.

And if BritBrit is also wearing one, then you know it’s trendy.

And yes, admitting that I celebrate “Argyle Wednesday” — in addition to Tie Thursday — confirms that I am a loser. Just in case there was any doubt.

(And yes, the fact that this is all I have to post today just shows you how blogworthy my life is these days. Hopefully that will change soon so I have more exciting things to write about.)

Update, 9:15 a.m.: On my way into work this morning, three people (including myself) were wearing argyle sweaters in just my half of the T car I was on. Maybe this Argyle Wednesday thing really is catching on?!

One Response to “What Day Is It, Kids?”


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