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Scarlett Feverish

26 Jul

Pick your journalism-related intro: “Breaking news” or “You read it here first.” Either way, Scarlett Johansson can’t act. That’s the real downfall of Woody Allen’s latest, Scoop, which I suppose isn’t sooooo bad, but considering Scarlett is the lead and is in most every scene, well, that definitely downgrades the film. And given how good she looked in Woody’s last film, the director really does her a disservice here. Otherwise, I laughed a few times and enjoyed the rest of the performances (well, other than Woody Allen’s, which was grating at times), but the plot is pretty thin and it gets wrapped up too easily at the end. So I guess Scoop for me is just a slightly above average movie (which is being a little bit generous). And that’s why it gets a C+.

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