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I Scream

17 Jul

Ladies and gentlepeople … allow me to apologize. I know you expect me to be up on all the important stuff and to pass along information that will help you live your lives better (he said, with all due sarcasm — as if you couldn’t tell). Well, I’ve let you down. So allow me to correct that mistake right here.

Sunday was National Ice Cream Day. Apparently, this holiday — and it is a holiday, as far as I’m concerned — always falls on the third Sunday in July. (Who knew? Not me.) Given the fact that it’s so unbearably hot here in Boston and elsewhere around the country, I suspect no one really needed an excuse to eat ice cream. Still, I feel bad about not posting something about this exciting holiday sooner.

SO, I am happy to announce that the entire month of July is National Ice Cream Month, according to the International Dairy Foods Association and the International Ice Cream Association. And, believe it or not, for this we also have Ronald Reagan to thank. (Seriously.) Should you care to celebrate by doing some reading about the history of ice cream, simply click here.

And there you have it. Now go out and grab yourself a cone or something. If you’re in the Boston area, head on out to Belmont for some Rancatore’s (I recommend the Hydrox or, if they have it, Cocoa Joel). If not, Edy’s will more than suffice (I love their Light Mint Chocolate Chip). Either way, stay cool … and enjoy.

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