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11 Jul

One year. That’s how long it took Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson to squander the goodwill they earned last July in Wedding Crashers. First Vaughn starred in The Break-Up, that unfunny romantic “comedy,” and now Wilson stars in You, Me and Dupree, a pretty awful comedy that really is no better than the trailer promised — which is to say, if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen all the comedy Dupree has to offer. And what’s worse, this is another overly long movie (did all the editors in Hollywood take a spring break and not return?) that could have used some pruning. A 10-minute total running time would have been alright. Yeah, we get it: Dupree is a screw-up. It shouldn’t take 100 minutes of reminding us until he finally gets his act together. The only real redeeming thing about this movie is Kate Hudson; she looks great. The movie itself? That gets a D+.

Chill Out

11 Jul

Hi there.

It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood PSA.

Today is 7/11, so 7-11 is giving away free Slurpees.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Click on the links for the store nearest you.

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