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Are You Bored?

6 Jul

My skin is starting to peel.

I tell you this not because I feel compelled to continue my sunburn saga or to share the gross details of my life, but because it’s National Anti-Boredom Month and I know how some of you feel about coming to this site and not finding anything new. So consider this posting my cure for your boredom.

Need something to do? You can click here and watch ESPN’s news coverage of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, which I wrote about yesterday.

Or, you can visit one (or both) of my favorite celeb gossip/photo sites: What Would Tyler Durden Do? or Celebrity Terrorist.

Or, you can read through my blog archives. For example, you could read my G.M. hire news story or my Aeroballoon experience or my “People Are Stupid” posting, which was the first one of my postings to be quoted in the Boston Globe.

Or you can go to and start your own blog. It’s quite easy, lots of fun, and quite time consuming. You might never be bored again.

So there you go. Happy National Anti-Boredom Month. (And a day early, happy Chocolate Day.)

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