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Kingston Deli: R.I.P.

21 Jul

As you may have noticed (if you didn’t already know), I can be a man of routine. After all, during the winter I observe Argyle Wednesdays and Tie Thursdays. I also tend to frequent the same places for lunch each week, including Viga on Thursdays, because I love their Blanco pizza, and Kupel’s on Sunday.

Today I learned that one of my other favorite places for lunch, the Kingston Deli, was closing. And not just soon, but today. What a loss this is for me.

Everyone needs a Kingston Deli in their work neighborhood. It’s one of those family-run, greasy spoon-type take-out places, that serves a steady and reliable selection of homestyle cooking, with great “dinner” plates. Before my company moved offices in December, I had the A Street Deli, which served the same type of food, only you always seemed to walk out smelling like you’d been there. Kingston Deli didn’t have that same kind of charm — actually, it had almost no charm at all — but I always enjoyed going in once or twice a week for the steak tips or chicken kabobs, always with rice and salad (see, even in a greasy spoon it’s possible to eat healthily).

So of course, when I stopped in for lunch today and saw the sign, I knew I had to stay and have a final meal. But sadly, they were all out of steak and chicken. I know it’s always questionable trying something new on a restaurant’s last day, but desperate times … So against my better judgement, I decided to go with the Salisbury Steak (with rice and salad, of course). Happily, I can tell you it was not bad. I mean, it was good enough to leave my feelings about Kingston Deli positive, but not so good that I’d want to have it again anytime soon.

In September, the Kingston Deli family will be opening a new location on Arch Street. Until then, the current home of the Kingston Deli will be dark and empty. I’ll have to settle for more lunches at Quizno’s or Viga, or I’ll have to go to Cosi more often. Not such a bad fate, but I’ll miss my regular Kingston Deli lunches.

Kingston Deli is dead. Long live the Kingston Deli.

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