I Hope You All Get VD

14 Feb

I tried. Really I did.

Call it denial if you want, but I really was trying to keep a positive attitude for Valentine’s Day today. I wore a red sweater, I wished people a happy holiday, I went to my favorite take-out lunch place (the Italian Cafe, on Broad Street), listened to my favorite music, and I generally was in a good mood.

But you know what? Work, in all its varying forms, got in the way. Things I had planned on didn’t materialize. People gave me attitude when I tried to understand their confusing emails. It all added up and turned really annoying. And then some people who should know better started to tell me about what good boyfriends they had, and how I could learn lessons from them, and suddenly I got all crabby and pissed off. Yes, I know to send flowers to my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Don’t you think I would have done that if I had a girlfriend? No need to remind me that I’m single — again, sigh, still — thank you very much. And then I ended up being in the office until around 7:30, because God forbid I should have a life outside of work.

So … a hell of a day. But, the good news is that another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Emphasis on gone. Thank God it’s over. Yes, when it comes down to it, I really hate Valentine’s Day.

2 Responses to “I Hope You All Get VD”

  1. Humma Kavula February 15, 2006 at 8:33 pm #

    “Some People?” You mean more than one person did this to you?Hey, Marty — ya know what I did for Tiffany on Valentine’s Day?Bupkis. Niente. Squat.We ordered in Chinese food and watched the Olympics.I even made her order the freakin’ food.You can take your lessons… from me!

  2. Woody February 17, 2006 at 12:56 am #

    Ahh…Italian Cafe…I used to love that place. Do you still ever go to Souper Salad and try to fill the to-go container with as much salad as possible?

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