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Back to Filene’s

25 Feb

Apparently, many of you out there were interested in my shopping experience at Filene’s last weekend, so I thought I’d offer up a quick update since I tried out another store today, the one in Chestnut Hill. And I’m not saying I found anything different there (still an overabundance of small- and medium-size clothes), but I didn’t walk out of this store empty-handed.

Full disclosure: last week and this week I went to Filene’s at least partly hoping to find myself an argyle sweater, and I’ve had no luck in that department. So perhaps it was the lower discount (40%–60%), or maybe I just had more patience or a greater determination to buy something this week, but I found myself a rugby shirt, a tie, and a sweater vest, and the whole thing cost me only around $60.

Also worth noting was the selection of labels. A liquidation sale is a great time to see just what the hierarchy is in a department store. Not much remained in the Ralph Lauren or DKNY departments, for example, but there was plenty of Bahama Joe and John Ashford. Club Room, too. Expect this stuff to be available for 50%–70% off next week.

And I suppose I’d be accused of not telling the whole story if I left out that after Filene’s I went downstairs to Brooks Brothers, where I found a pretty cool argyle sweater on sale for 50% off (which at Brooks Brothers is a really sweet deal). So I bought it and called off the argyle search for the time being.