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This One Writes Itself

12 Feb

I suppose the old adage is true:
Guns don’t shoot people, the vice president does.

Since We’ve No Place to Go

12 Feb

I love how on blizzard days like today, the news reports are always the same: “There are treacherous conditions out there, the wind is howling, snow is falling at a rapid pace. It’s a good day to stay inside and off the roads … Now let’s go out to our reporter in Natick!” Followed minutes later by: “Now, out to Plymouth!” And later: “Up to Burlington!” Then “Out to Newton!” And everywhere, it’s the same story: Snow, and lots of it.

Well, in that spirit, I can tell you “It’s snowing in Brookline!” Finally. We’re going to get close to 20 inches. Can’t say I’m all that bummed since we haven’t had a storm like this all season. I’ve got work to do, some food I can bake, and maybe I’ll even purge some more of my books, so I’m going to make the most of the day. In the meantime, I went outside at 10am and took some pictures just in case you, like some news watchers apparently, need proof that it’s really snowing here too.