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He Knows How I Feel

20 Feb

It says something about where my head’s been lately that I was just watching VH1 (or MTV) and a brand-new video came on that hit a chord (no pun intended). The song/video is Daniel Powter‘s “Bad Day,” off his self-titled CD (which is available at iTunes). In the video, a young woman (played by Samaire Armstrong, from The O.C. and Entourage) and a man go through their near-identical daily routines, while Powter (in full piano-driven ballad, singer/songwriter mode) plays and sings to the camera. Of course, for most of the video they’re oblivious to the fact that someone else shares their pain, but they meet at the end. It’s not the most uplifting song or video, so it sorta bummed me out that I could relate in a more ways than one — including the fact that it appears one day during the guy’s week, he actually wears a tie to work. Thanks to my DVR, I rewound it and watched a second time, had a similar reaction. And thanks to Powter’s web site, you can watch it as many times as you like. Anyway, if the video or song should come on next time you’re flipping the channels, stay there for a minute and take it in like I did. Good, sad stuff. Chances are you’ll be hearing this one a lot; it has sensitive pop hit written all over it, sort of like Gavin DeGraw.

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