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I’m Guilty

6 Feb

Confession of the day: I think I love Lisa Loeb‘s new show on E!, #1 Single. Sure, any show that professes to honestly portray what it’s like to be single and dating is a bit skewed, especially if the subject is a celebrity (C-list or otherwise). But the second episode, which aired this weekend (or rather, which I saw for the first time this weekend), was pretty funny, and not in the same kind of demeaning way that many reality shows about dating are. Lisa’s a smart (she went to Brown), single, attractive and Jewish girl in the city, who wants what every nice, Jewish girl wants: a husband. She’s got a meddlesome Jewish mother, a supportive sister … and suffice it to say, I can see myself tuning in every week if every episode has a scene like the one this weekend where Lisa went to dinner at Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s house and there were crickets when they realized she was 37 and still single. It’s a great guilty pleasure. Anyway, that’s my plug. New episodes air Sundays at 10 p.m., but like any good cable network, E! repeats them all throughout the week.

Just Another Manic Monday

6 Feb

You ever have one of those days … ?

Checked my work email around midnight last night, got a bit of an angry rant from a coworker who was traveling on business. So I came in today expecting the worst. First hour or two in the office was pure damage control, trying to fix a seemingly crisis situation. We’re talking defusing a bomb. Code Black, if you saw Grey’s Anatomy last night. But then something happened. Suddenly my coworker, the one who had written the rant, was going out on a limb, disregarding all logic, and trying to defuse the situation in a way that defied all sane reasoning. And you know what? It totally worked. The man is a master of spin. So over the course of the day, things turned downright surreal. All of a sudden we were mostly in the clear. Our hyper-reaction this morning (an appropriate response at the time, given the tone of the email) began to seem like a complete over-reaction. And that crisis we were dealing with was deemed nothing more than a “bump in the road.” As we were told, “If there are no bumps in the road, then you’re not trying hard enough.” It’s after 6pm and I’m still stunned by the turn of events. Talk about a range of emotions.

My apologies for the unspecificity of this posting, but given that it’s a work thing, hopefully you’ll understand. Just wanted to say I’m baffled, confused, turned sideways, and utterly exhausted by the day.

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