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My 40th Birthday Is Coming, and What I Want for a Gift May Surprise You

20 May

birthday gift boxA friend of mine recently suggested that for my 40th birthday (which, believe it or not, is less than three weeks away), I should be able to register for gifts.

After all, she reminded me, I’m single. And over the years I’ve spent so much on other people when they got married and/or had kids.

She had a point.

In fact, a few years ago, I did actually wonder — facetiously — when am I going to get mine?

So, I started to think. If I could, what would I register for?

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This Year, I’ll Keep Checking the Horizon

7 Jun

meh“Where does the time go when it’s not around here?”

Barenaked Ladies asked that thought-provoking question back in 1994 in their song “Great Provider.”

It’s a question I ask a lot. Too often, really. Today, as I turn 39, I’m asking it again.

Where did the last year go? It seems like only yesterday that I turned 38. And yet, not much has changed.

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People Who Don’t Like Social Media Must Not Like Birthdays Either

11 Jun

Thursday was my birthday.

Maybe you heard me mention it once or twice.

Not that I’d ever avoid the Day of All Days, but these days, when it’s your birthday, you couldn’t even if you tried. Continue reading

Two Great Gifts for My Birthday This Year

7 Jun

How is it possible that an entire year has gone by since I turned 37?

Not that I’m complaining, of course, because today is the Day of All Days.

It’s my birthday!

Woo hoo!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my birthday.


Yes, despite being 38 — not 40 — and past the age when I should probably stop making a big deal about it, I still love my birthday.

The truth is, it’s hard not to celebrate when there’s so much to be happy about.

And this year, I am in a particularly good mood on my birthday. That’s because I’ve received two great gifts recently. Continue reading

38 Is Not the New 40

4 Jun

I’m turning 38 this week.

(Thursday, to be exact.)

I don’t tell you this so you can run out and get me a gift and/or a card and/or a cake and/or plan a party for me — though yes, any or all of that would be appreciated.

It’s more that I need to remind myself that I’m not turning 40 this year. Because all of a sudden, I feel like 40 is right around the corner and I’m not ready for it just yet. Continue reading

A Very Good Birthday, Indeed

8 Jun

Not to get all girly or anything, but … not being married and not having kids, I’ve always put a bit of a special significance on my birthday.

My thinking goes that my birthday is the one day when it’s all about me for a change, so people should show me a little attention.

I mean, is that really asking so much?

And truth be told, I’ve kind of kept a tally over the years; each year, I remember who didn’t call or email or somehow get in touch.

I joke, and I know it’s petty, but I do. Continue reading

Happy Birthday?

7 Jun

Here we are again.

It’s my birthday.

Number 37.

The Day of All Days.

Let this blog post serve as my traditional “taking stock” blog post, even though this year, truth be told, I’m not all that sure how I’m doing on this most special of days.

I know I’m doing better than I was last year, and I think I’m happy — but you shouldn’t think you’re happy, right?

You should know.

This year, I just don’t know how I feel. Continue reading

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