Gimme Five!

1 Sep

I never thought this day would come.

My friends … today, September 1, 2010, marks the fifth anniversary of my very first blog post. That’s right: I’ve been blogging on Martin’s Musings for five years. Never thought I’d get past the first year or two, much less five. But here I am, still writing. And more impressive, I still have people reading my blog posts. So before I go any further, let me take a moment to say thank you for that.

I’ll accept your wood and silverware now.

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, then you’ve no doubt noticed the changes that have occurred. And you’ve probably also noticed that in the last year or so, posts have gotten less frequent — and more often than not, they’ve been movie reviews. For that you can probably thank my activity on Facebook and Twitter and the blog I maintain for work for giving me other venues to do my thing. But I’m not making excuses. Rather, let’s spin this and say my blogging here has been so successful that I’ve branched out, and am now communicating in multiple places.

Or, let’s just say that passing the five-year mark is a good reminder that I should do what I can to keep this blog going strong. After all, this is where it began. This is my communications hub. So as I start my second half-decade, I make this promise to you, dear readers, that I will try my best to keep this blog active and enjoyable. I’ve written a total of 1,407 posts so far. If you keep reading, I’ll keep writing.

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