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Not the Sharpest Christian in the Bible

16 Sep

I’ll apologize in advance.

The new film Easy A marks the big-screen return of one of my favorites, Ms. Amanda Bynes. Here she plays Marianne, a devout Christian high school student who likes wearing short, short skirts and argyle sweaters.

Alright fine, and she is the antagonist of Olive (Emma Stone), who lies about her sexual activities and brands herself a modern-day Hester Prynne — minus the Demi Moore part.

(Full disclosure: the movie’s really about Olive, and how she goes from nobody to somebody based on those lies.)

Thankfully, Amanda is not just nice to look at in the movie, she’s also genuinely funny. So take that all you Chicky haters. (I’m hoping a few other positive reviews will convince Amanda to stay unretired from acting for a while longer.) Continue reading

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