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Tough Decisions Will Be Made

22 Sep

It’s Wednesday, which means we’re halfway through one of my least favorite weeks of the year.

What? You thought I’d actually be happy about the start of the new TV season? Well, you’re wrong.

This is the time of year when there’s too much on, and my DVR gets an extra-good workout.

It’s the time when I have to make some really tough decisions about what to watch, what to commit to, and what not to bother with.

Most every year I post something here about which shows I’m going to try and watch, but it’s always with the expectation that I won’t stick to the plan. Which is fine, of course; there are movies, and sports, and, well, life to keep me busy otherwise.

So that’s why I generally have a two-strikes rule: If I fall two episodes behind, chances are good I won’t catch up on that show, so I don’t even bother.

Unfortunately, I’m already behind: I forgot to record Lone Star Monday night, so I’m hoping I can watch the pilot before episode two is on (thankfully, the pilot’s re-airing over the weekend).

What else am I planning to watch this fall? Here’s my week at a glance: Continue reading

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