Love That New-Car Smell

23 Dec

Anyone who knows me would probably tell you that while I’m adaptable and flexible with changing situations, I don’t exactly seek out change.

To wit: I stayed at my last job for nearly seven and a half years, lived in my last apartment for more than six, and I drove the same car for nearly 11.

It’s that last example that’s most significant now, because finally, just two months shy of that 11-year anniversary, I have bought a new car. (Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to me!)

I made the deal over the weekend (before the snow) and picked it up last night.

And it’s a beaut: A shiny black 2010 Honda CR-V LX. After so long behind the wheel of a Civic, it’s going to be a bit of an adjustment, but man, am I excited about my purchase.

My friend Kelly went with me to Honda Village in Newton Corner Saturday afternoon (’cause she’s awesome), and, well, I’ll cut to the chase and say that about four hours later (!!), after a bit of back and forth negotiation, I walked out with a deal done. (Another reason we enjoyed the meal Saturday night.)

Folks like Zach and James were real patient, and while I didn’t pay exactly what I wanted, I wasn’t unhappy with the experience or the price, or what I got for my trade-in.

I’d definitely go back to Honda Village to buy another car (whenever that time is), and I’d tell anyone else who wanted to buy a Honda to go there too — especially, of course, during the last couple weeks of the calendar year. (Oh, and do tell them I sent you. There’s a referral bonus in it for me.)

How cool was it to get in my new car and see that it had only three miles on it? And how nice was it to sit in a more spacious vehicle? And of course, how beautiful was that new-car smell?

It was all great.

Now comes the fun part: I get to drive around in a brand-new car, with new features, and none of the age that my old car was showing (screechy brakes, for example). Oh boy.

In this case, change is great.

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