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Kind of Blue

22 Dec

James Cameron’s Avatar sure is a feast for the eyes.

The film takes place on the faraway planet of Pandora, where paralyzed Marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) has come to infiltrate the tall, blue, powerful, and prideful residents using a genetically engineered Avatar.

The tribe, called the Na’vi, are standing in the way of American industrialism, and a full-scale military operation — led by Stephen Lang’s gruff, buff, and tough general and Giovanni Ribisi’s slick, determined businessman — has been set up to get at the precious mineral that’s sitting just below where the Na’vi live.

Cameron has created the world of Pandora completely from scratch, and, with the help of some high-tech 3D tools, it’s photorealistic, lush, and truly breathtaking.

What a technical achievement. Continue reading