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Cold Comfort

18 Dec

It got very cold here in Boston this week, and for me, among other things, that meant it was time to stop pussyfooting around and break out the winter coat. Normally, that would bring me little joy. After all, putting on a heavy coat (and scarf) for the first time in the season means an acceptance that winter is actually here, and will be for the next three-to-four months (at least). But Thursday I felt an odd sense of comfort when I put on my winter coat. As I unzipped the pockets, there, right where I had left them, were my gloves and my 180s ear warmers. And in another pocket was a packet of tissues. It’s kind of nice to know that nearly nine months after I hung up my coat for the year, these things were still in the same place and ready for one more season of use.

It’s a minor thing, I know, but when you hate winter as much as I do, anything that makes these frigid days more bearable is appreciated.