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Welcome Home

11 Mar

I touched down at Logan Tuesday night happy to be home. Happy to be out of the sun, and happy to let my sunburn fade and peel off. And of course, I have much to look forward to in the next couple weeks with my new condo. But I have to say, all that aside, few things made me happier to be home than to get off the plane and hear James Taylor’s soothing, dulcet voice singing “You’ve Got a Friend” over the airport PA system. I’m sure it was just a coincidence, but what a nice thing to get off the plane and hear music from a Boston-based artist. I’m not saying I would have had the same reaction if I’d heard, oh, “More than a Feeling” or “I’m Shipping Up to Boston,” so I guess this was just the right song at the right time. It made the fact that a great vacation was over feel that much easier.

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