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Thinking Out of the Box

23 Mar

I’m just a few short days away from officially being a homeowner, and less than two weeks from moving into my new condo, so I figure it’s high time I made a real dent in my packing.

But first, some purging.

Lots and lots of purging.

It’ll definitely help the cause if I have less to pack. Continue reading

Mmmmmmm …

23 Mar

Farry and Barrah took me to a new brunch place this morning (at least, a new one to me), and all I can say is “mmmmmmm…” Mel’s Commonwealth Cafe is located on Rte. 30 as you’re going from Waltham to Natick, and man, is it ever worth the drive. It’s a nice place, and sure, it was Easter, but it wasn’t overly crowded at 11:30 on a Sunday morning. I wasn’t able to have what I wanted — Fried Dough French Toast, which sounded so good, because they’d just run out minutes earlier — so Plan B was a dish called Country Inn French Toast, which was a moist, sweet French Toast made with a cinnamon swirl bread. Mmmmmmm … I’d have shared it, but I just couldn’t bear to part with a single piece. Barry had a Philly Cheese Steak Omelette, and that too looked good, as did the Yogurt Waffle that Farrah had. (I mention what we all had not to rat anyone out, but to show some of the yummy options because two of these three are not on the online menu.) I’m definitely going back to Mel’s, and I hope I do so soon. It’s nice to have another great brunch option besides Johnny’s. Mmmmmmm …!!

You Think?

23 Mar

Random graffiti of the day:

I saw this right off Gardner St., the street that runs parallel to Comm Ave. near Shaw’s, in Allston. It was on the wall behind the T-Mobile store.

Some neighborhoods have gang-related graffiti, others have large artwork. My neighborhood has film criticism. Hmmmmm …

It’s Back

23 Mar

Great news! After an extended absence, the flute playing next door has returned. So clearly, even though my neighbors were spoken to not once but twice by my building management company about their incessant, annoying violin playing, the message didn’t get through about how they should be practicing at their school and not in the building. As if I needed another reason to be happy that I’m moving in less than two weeks. I really hope these two girls in apartment 28 get a new neighbor who is less patient than I have been.

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