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It’s Mine! All Mine!

27 Mar

Funny thing about closings: They’re pretty anti-climactic.

The hard work and discussion and heavy lifting had all taken place earlier as the process moved along.

All that was left was for me to hand over some money and sign lots and lots of documents.

So, I sat there at the table on Thursday signing page after page, initialing here, giving my full name there.

Meanwhile, my broker and my lending agent just sat and watched.

The whole thing took about a half hour and was really no big deal. We laughed, we joked.

It was actually fun.

And then, without warning, my lawyer stopped passing documents my way and I actually had to ask him, “Is that it?”

And that was it.

Without fanfare or a marking of the significance, I became a homeowner.

Just like that.

Not that I expected trumpets or balloons or even confetti, but, you know, this is a pretty big deal and it pretty much just passed. Continue reading

Somewhere in the Middle

27 Mar

Good news: The Boston Phoenix again left me off their list of the 100 unsexiest men of the year, instead choosing to give the distinction to folks like Mike Huckabee, Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, and Bret Michaels. But I’m confused. The Phoenix thinks I’m not unsexy, and People thinks I’m not sexy enough. Does that make me just average?

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