Tedy! Youk! Martin!

1 Sep

As if there wasn’t already enough going on in the Coolidge Corner general area today, Tedy Bruschi was doing a book signing at Brookline Booksmith.

I may not be a huge Patriots fan (at least not as big as I am a Red Sox fan), but you gotta love a guy who battles back like Bruschi has.

And hey, I love a good book signing.

So I waited in the line — which snaked down Harvard St. and about halfway up Green St. — for an hour and got my book signed.

And it was pretty cool to see everyone walk out of the store with a big grin, relating what inspirational words he told them. Tedy shook my hand, signed the book, and gave me a little smile.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

But here’s the thing …

As if Coolidge Corner wasn’t already crawling with sports fans today, who did I spot walking down Harvard St.?

None other than Kevin Youkilis, with a woman and a child. (It was probably Enza, but I’m not sure.)

And the guy managed to walk through town without being harrassed or stopped for autographs or photos or anything — not even by me.

I wanted to say hi, or take a picture with him, or ask how his knee was (he was walking with a brace on it), but I resisted.

Although, we did give each other the “I know you”/”I know you know who I am” looks. So it still made a halfway decent story.

And for all you football fans out there, here’s a shot of Tedy Bruschi after signing my book.

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