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There Are Places I Remember …

2 Sep

With so many places I don’t like, it’s nice to find two I like enough to return to on a nice day. Today, Nina and I ate at Z Square in Harvard Square. This was my second time there, and it’s quickly becoming a brunch favorite. Today I had the salami and eggs scramble, with sourdough toast and potatoes. Last time (in May), I had the French Toast with maple syrup and cinnamon butter. Both dishes were great. And both times we’ve been there, Nina and I have sat outside, which makes it an even nicer experience. I have fond memories of when this place was a Finagle a Bagel, and of going on Sunday mornings for the Bagel French Toast (mmmmmm), so it’s nice to have somewhere else in Harvard Square to eat brunch again.

Then we headed up to Kimball Farm, which I had also only been to once before (a year ago, with Joe and Marie). Nina and I grabbed our clubs, headed out on the mini golf course, and the game was on. I held a lead for most of the time, but in the end I lost my groove and Nina came out ahead (by three strokes). And while I held my own in the trash talk department, I was trumped by a grandmother behind us, who at one point reminded her young grandson that “I’m still beating you.” You go, granny! Also fun were the three kids — the boys — who were no older than 10 years old, who we thought were mocking us for missing our shots on one hole. Then we realized they weren’t saying “No, no, no” about us … they were singing Amy Winehouse‘s “Rehab.” (Really.) Of course, we finished off the afternoon with some ice cream — although neither of us finished our sundaes. (They were huge!)

So yeah, two cool places I enjoy going to and hope to return to soon.

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