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This Hurts

20 Sep

I got an e-mail at work recently making me aware of the fact that September is Pain Awareness Month. Being a Red Sox fan and all, I say, “Yeah, no kidding.” According to the American Pain Foundation (really, there’s an organization for everything), more than one-quarter of Americans age 20 years and over — or, an estimated 76.5 million Americans — report that they have had a problem with a pain of some sort that persisted for more than 24 hours in duration. So let’s see, we’ve now lost four straight games including a sweep by the Blue Jays, we lost two of three to the Yankees last weekend, Youk‘s hurt, Manny’s still hurt, Wakefield’s off his game, Gagne and Dice-K suck, Okajima’s tired, Papelbon’s vulnerable, and now we’re only a game and a half in first place. I’d say the APF can count me in that statistic, even if, apparently, the number doesn’t include those with acute pain.

In honor of Pain Awareness Month, the APF is releasing the Pain Resource Guide: Getting the Help You Need, to help patients find the most appropriate care. Well, I wonder if one of the tips in that guide is to dwell on the positive. Today I read that Gabe Kapler wants to play in the major leagues again. As someone who has been a longtime Kapler fan and was sorry to see him leave town to go coach in the minors, this is very good news indeed. Sure, there’s no guarantee he’s coming back to the Sox. But it’ll be good to see Gabe back in the bigs next year.

Granted, I haven’t entirely given up on this year’s team — like I did last year. But seeing as we haven’t been able to even win the three games it’ll take for us to clinch a measly playoff spot, I don’t have much confidence in our post-season chances. (And yes, I hope I’m wrong.) So what’s the harm in already looking forward to next season?

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