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Happy Anniversary to Me

9 Sep

I don’t have anything particularly exciting to say about it, but today is September 10, the day before the sixth anniversary of 9/11.

It might be just another day to you, but to me, it’s six years that I’ve been at my current company. (Yeah, it was a heck of a first week to start a new job.)

So, I just wanted to give myself a public atta-boy for staying in one place for this long.


9 Sep

Another VMAs show, another few hours of my life wasted. No comment on Britney’s “performance” is really necessary. And Gym Class Heroes for best new artist, in a year where they were competing against Amy Winehouse and Carrie Underwood? Please. At least the show was two hours long this year instead of the usual three. If I have anything of any substance to say, it’s that Alicia Keys’ cover of George Michael’s “Freedom 90” was alright, but it only reminded me of how awesome George Michael’s own acoustic version of the song on the MTV 10 show in 1991 was. Here’s the clip. It’s better than anything on the VMAs this year was.