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Sometimes a Fantasy

24 May

Let’s get a few things straight: In the real world — at least the one that I live in — a schlubby guy like Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) and his pothead friends would never get into a hot club like the one they’re at toward the beginning of Knocked Up.

And said hot club would be much, much more crowded, and populated with hotter people like Alison Scott (Katherine Heigel), an E! producer who should probably be at a hotter club than that.

And if said hot chick were at this hot club (with her equally hot sister), she would undoubtedly be mobbed with guys, and would never — never — give the time of day to a schlubby but good intentioned guy like our friend Ben. (Jeff Wells is so right-on about that.)

Which makes Knocked Up the year’s best sci-fi/fantasy flick. Continue reading

And It Don’t Stop

24 May

Don’t get me wrong: I like my job. Really I do.

But sometimes it feels like I’m on an endless treadmill.

I come in for a couple hours on the weekend, or I stay late (i.e.: until 8:00 or 9:00), with the hope that doing so will make the next day that much easier.

But the opposite thing happens. I finish my part of the process, move the work to other people, go home, relax … and then the next day it all comes back to me to work on again and move along to the next people.

That’s what this week has been like for me.

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Love Them Summer Girls

24 May

Is it just me, or do people get better looking when the weather gets warmer? I’m serious (sort of). Walking around the city today, both on the way in to the office and just now at lunch, it felt like the number of attractive people had doubled. Where were these people during the winter? Were they hibernating? Or have we imported a truckload or two from down south? Maybe it’s all the young interns. Maybe it’s the lighter clothing. Maybe it’s none of these things, and if not, then is it just the weather — or spring fever — that is making it seem this way? And by extension, does this mean I am better looking in the summer? It’s an odd phenomenon. I love summer. And I love summer in Boston. And maybe this is why.

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