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And So, It’s Come to This

21 May

I’ve got two words to say about the American Idol finale this week: Who cares? Alright, fine, I’ve got more than two words, but I write them hesitantly. After all, I really could care less about the final matchup between Jordin and Blake. Really. I mean, I predicted all the way back on March 8 — that’s right, March 8!! — that Jordin was going to win the whole thing (it was pretty obvious even then), and since she’s up against Blake in the final, well, there’s no contest there. And can you believe she’s only 17? (Ha!) I’m so uninterested in the whole thing that I actually have plans on Wednesday night, so I won’t be home to watch. And when I get home, I’m turning on Lost. Now, before you jump to any conclusions, no, this is not about Haley. I mean, not entirely. I just think this has been the worst season yet for Idol, and as soon as it’s over, that means summer can begin. So I say to Jordin and Blake, sing out — and then shut up.

One YouTube Video to Rule Them All

21 May

Well this is fun. Someone has posted a video on YouTube that’s basically just a compilation of film clips that reference the numbers 1 to 100. It’s a countdown kind of in the spirit of Apple’s ad for the iPhone. Enjoy.

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