Is the Globe Desperate for Readers?

22 May

I don’t really need to make fun of BostonNOW since other folks are already doing so, but I thought I’d take a second to laugh at the situation outside the Washington Street exit of the T this morning at Downtown Crossing.

At the top of the stairs was that guy who is always there, hawking the BostonNOW in the same annoying way he always is: “BostonNOW. Free PAPER. Win a THOUSAND BUCKS. FREE paper.”

A few feet behind him, in front of Macy’s, was the guy hawking the Metro, only he was older, quiet, subtle, and knew he didn’t have to try hard to give away his papers.

But then, also right next to the T exit, was a slightly sad-looking woman in a wheelchair, speaking in a meek tone, asking if anyone wanted a free copy of The Globe 100.

It was as if the folks at the Globe were throwing their hands up and surrendering, knowing they just couldn’t compete with the aggressive tactics of BostonNOW‘s hawkers, and had to play the sympathy card.

I mean, she wasn’t even handing out free copies of the day’s paper or anything — just the special edition magazine that was in today’s paper — and I guess that made it even worse.

The whole thing was pretty comical, if you ask me.

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