Spiderman, Worms, and Funny Money

6 May

It’s probably better if I didn’t post anything about what happened during Andrew’s bachelor party in Miami this weekend. After all, it was a bachelor party … in Miami Beach … with 15 guys. Make your own assumptions about what kinds of activities we did.

But if I let it pass without making some kind of comment, then what kind of service would I be offering you, oh dear readers of mine? So let me at least say that a good time was had and yes, it involved all the necessary elements of debauchery.

I’ll also tell you I had a great, great time fishing on Saturday, even if I didn’t catch all that much (only about 8 or 9, I think). We had to leave the hotel at 6 a.m. to make it down to Islamorada by 8, but it was worth it. Between this and my boating adventures in the Bahamas last month, I’m totally jonesing for a boat of my own. And hey, I was out on the water for four hours and didn’t get a sunburn. That’s pretty impressive (for me, anyway).

Had a tasty dinner Saturday night at Prime 112. Poor Allison. Thankfully, my food came without worms. Skybar at the Shore Club was a pretty cool place to spend an evening, too.

Actually, no surprise, South Beach in general is a beautiful area, and I’m not talking about the architecture. The best sights were the ones that didn’t require fake cash.

And on an unrelated note, I’ll never be able to think of Spiderman and donkeys (separately) in the same way again.

Also, it was cool to finally meet and hang out with the guys Andrew talks about so often. He’s pretty lucky to have so many friends who love him that much.

It made for a really fun weekend.

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