Bring Out the Goat … Again

19 Dec

I was asked this morning why I’ve grown my goatee again. I didn’t have a very good answer.

Could it be that all this holiday merriment is slightly emasculating and I needed to maintain my edge? Possibly.

Did I simply miss a large chunk of my face when I was shaving? Nope.

The truth is I hadn’t shaved all weekend, and when yesterday morning came around, my half-awake stupor convinced me it was time to play my favorite game, “Fun with Facial Hair,” again. The rest is history.

It’s the second time in a year that I’ve brought the goat back.

It’s always amusing to me when I do this. Not sure why.

And further, I don’t have the foggiest clue why I write about it on the blog. It’s not exactly interesting — that I know.

In fact, it’s really lame.

And yet, it’s posts like this that have earned me the title of Person of the Year by Time magazine. Maybe they should do a recount. (And no, that picture is not me.)

2 Responses to “Bring Out the Goat … Again”


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