It’s Me!

17 Dec

Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to Time magazine for naming me Person of the Year in its new issue.

Alright, so technically the honor goes to “You,” but since “You” in this case is “Me,” I’ll accept it on my own behalf.

The magazine is recognizing all of us bloggers and YouTubers and Myspacers and Mash-Uppers and so on who collectively have put our lives out there, shared our hobbies, told our stories, made the world laugh and cry, got to know one another, and, put front-and-center for all to see “the stupidity of crowds as well as its wisdom.”

To quote from the story:

Who are these people? Seriously, who actually sits down after a long day at work and says, I’m not going to watch Lost tonight. I’m going to turn on my computer and make a movie starring my pet iguana? I’m going to mash up 50 Cent’s vocals with Queen’s instrumentals? I’m going to blog about my state of mind or the state of the nation or the steak-frites at the new bistro down the street? Who has that time and that energy and that passion?

The answer is, you do. And for seizing the reins of the global media, for founding and framing the new digital democracy, for working for nothing and beating the pros at their own game, TIME’s Person of the Year for 2006 is you.

Hey, all I wanted to do was have a little fun. And if that’s all it takes to be Time’s person of the year, well, then so be it.

Congrats to me.

And you.

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