Do You Know These 70 People? You Should: They’re Making Social Media More Social!

4 Dec

Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash

It’s one of the easiest click-bait tricks in the book: Declare that something popular is dead or dying.

Twitter’s been the victim of this “hack” for years: For example, in 2014, The Atlantic published a eulogy for “the beloved social publishing platform.” A year later, Umair Haque, the director of the London-based Havas Media Lab, published a blog post on Medium declaring its impending doom. And three weeks ago, Gareth Daine, founder of Content Sleuth, wondered aloud (or on LinkedIn, anyway): Is Twitter dead?

The reasons for these pronouncements have varied, but in that most recent case, the cause of death was “a distinct lack of engagement on the vast majority of posts I see.” Daine was specifically referencing posts by so-called “influencers” with substantial follower counts, which, in my opinion, was totally missing the point.

Many of the people Daine looked at don’t care about engagement; it’s simply and obviously not a priority for them. They have personal brands to maintain, so they spend most of their time on Twitter broadcasting to their audiences, and don’t reply very often — just likes or retweets, if that. Many have automated their handles so they can have a continuous presence powered by “helpful” content (much of it “evergreen”), and have even gone so far as to automate which handles they follow or which tweets they like or retweet — all in an effort to gain even more followers for themselves. Some even have multiple handles that retweet each other — a redundant mess of noise if I’ve ever seen one.

Actually, I’ve seen some of these same “influencers” complaining recently that their time spent on social media isn’t as worthwhile as it used to be, and that people just aren’t engaging anymore. Hmmmm … irony, anyone?

More Engaging and More Worthwhile

And then there’s Nick Bilton, who wrote Hatching Twitter, the definitive book about the social network’s founding. Last month, Bilton declared in a article that “the end of the social era can’t come soon enough,” adding that “I can’t recall the last time I looked at social media and felt happy afterwards, or even enriched by the experience.” It legit made me sad. I appreciate that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and (especially) LinkedIn aren’t perfect, and they definitely can be annoying, but clearly Bilton isn’t looking at the same social media I am, because I’ve had pretty much the opposite experience of the one he was describing.

In fact, from my perspective, social media — and Twitter in particular — has become more engaging and more worthwhile in the past year. Yes, automation tools are on the rise in some circles, but so is the feeling that they’re not worth it, and that actually interacting with your followers — focusing on building a community — is the real way to find success on social media.

So, in that spirit, and for all those people who are looking to make their social media experience more social, I wanted to call attention to a few folks in my community who I think are doing just that.

No, this is not a list of “top marketers,” or “influencers.” It’s not driven by (artificially) inflated vanity metrics that don’t reflect how engaging these people really are. This is simply a collection of (mostly) people I’ve spent the time getting to know with the help of social media — people I think others should know as well. People who are focused on building relationships, not being social media celebrities. It’s a completely subjective list based on my actual interactions and daily, real-time use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social networks — though, obviously, Twitter is the big focus here.

Some trends about the folks on this list: Many of them are not marketers. Many are active in formal, scheduled chats, but they don’t limit their interactions to those scheduled hours. Many are folks I’ve been lucky enough to meet offline, at #SocialRoadTrip meetups and other times. Many are people who are present, know that (at least) 50% of social media is participating, and don’t need to be mentioned before they interact with others. Many of them listen and join conversations where they can add value. When all of them share content, it’s usually more than just a headline and URL, and I care about it because I care about them. And, nearly everyone on this list is able to be active on social media and have a presence generally without the help of automated tools.

Finally, it’s worth noting that some of these people were on a similar list I compiled last year. But, many were not. And likewise, some who were on the list last year are not on the list this year, for various reasons.

To these people below, I say thank you. You truly get what it means to engage and be social, and you have made my experience on social media (not just Twitter) more worthwhile.

The List

(Note: This list is not ranked. People are mentioned in alphabetical order, by first name.)

Adri Cowan – @AdriCowan
Adri, the senior manager of social media at Marvel, is — no surprise — a comic book geek, but she’s also an avid traveler and one of the coolest people in the social media world to follow (on Twitter and Instagram). Yes, she shares an inside look behind the scenes at one of the hottest brands around (with occasional celeb appearances), making her a great example of employee advocacy, but because Adri herself is a genuine fan, it never feels promotional. She may work in a place where fantasy rules, but Adri is one person who definitely keeps it real.

Al Hopper – @AlHopper_
A military veteran and entrepreneur, Al is someone I was lucky enough to meet when I was in Austin earlier this year, and have gotten to know a bit better through Twitter and Facebook in the months since.

Alissa Trumbull – @AnOrchidinBloom
A Chicago native now living in Denver, Alissa loves food, marketing, flowers, and friends in equal measure. As co-founder of the weekly #BizGalz chat (Mondays at 1pm EST), she is also someone who seeks to empower other women and build community.

Allen Gannett – @Allen
I met Allen a few years ago at Content Marketing World, and enjoyed discussing the merits of Vine with him on Twitter (he was pro, I was con). He and I have stayed in touch on multiple channels, and I’ve been very impressed recently with his #AllenAsks series of quick video interviews on LinkedIn. And, he’s writing a book; it’ll be out in June, but you can pre-order it now. (Get a taste of what to expect via his new email newsletter.)

Andrea Villeneuve – @DreaVilleneuve
Andrea says she is a business owner and entrepreneur, in addition to being a fan of wine and coffee, but the truest statement in her Twitter bio is “conversation addict.” I often find myself interacting with Andrea in chats, both formal and informal.

Andrew Albert – @DrAndrewAlbert
One of my closest friends, Andrew and I went to college together. Today, he’s an award-winning gastroenterologist in Chicago who this year used Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to launch a colon-cancer awareness campaign called #BackOffColonCancer that actually went viral — people around the world were participating! Andrew shares lots of important info about cancer prevention and is always on the lookout for survivor stories he can amplify.

Angelica Mata – @matageli
Angelica calls herself a “quirky SoMe technophile,” and based on my interactions with her, I’d have to agree. She’s the co-host of #MobileChat (Tuesdays at 3pm EST) and chair of TEDxSanAntonio, among other things, plus a big fan of Disney and a really fun person to have in any conversation.

Anh Nguyen – @AnhTNguyen
Anh is a connector, not just in her hometown of Houston but across the social sphere. She’s the other co-host of #MobileChat (Tuesdays at 3pm EST) and a funny, sarcastic, cool person to know. I had a great time hanging out with her in Austin last January.

Ann Handley – @annhandley / @marketingprofs
What’s a list of cool, conversational folks on social media without Ann Handley? Incomplete, that’s what. Ann is the queen of content marketing — a smart, funny, legit influencer, and the author of two books, including Everybody Writes, an essential read for anyone, whether you’re in marketing or not. But she’s also friendly and approachable, and treats everyone with respect.

Arielle Margot – @ArielleMargot
Arielle is one of the most zen people I know, which is especially impressive given that her work at Buffer means overseeing one of the busiest chats on Twitter (#BufferChat, Wednesdays at 12pm EST). When she’s not tweeting, Arielle enjoys cooking, traveling, dancing, doing good, and living mindfully.

Beki Winchel – @BekiWeki
One of the biggest Harry Potter fans I know, Beki is an event producer and social media PR consultant who may be based in Sweden, but is still a Packers fan at heart. (I don’t hold that against her.)

Ben Rome – @bhrome
Ben is a marketing professional and game designer … but what’s really notable about him is his obsession with LEGOs. A personal challenge for him in 2017 has been to take a photo that includes a LEGO minifigurine every day. (Follow along on Facebook or Flickr.) Ben’s customized LEGO figurines (or photos of them) were near inescapable at Content Marketing World this year.

Ben Wright – @benwrightATL
I’ll let Ben give you his life story: “I used to work for a hockey team and I used to live in Canada (not in that order). Now I do other stuff.” But don’t let that bio fool you: Now living in Atlanta, Ben has retained his love of hockey. And his nice-guy personality.

Berrak Sarikaya – @BerrakBiz
There’s a reason Berrak won the #CMWorld Community Champion award this year: She’s someone who truly understands the value of content and engagement to build a strong community (she even spoke about that at the conference, in a panel with others on this list). And, as if that’s not enough, she also is a ’90s pop culture geek who manages an entire Twitter handle dedicated to the subject. (Fun fact: When she’s not marketing, Berrak is driving around Seattle as a Lyft driver.)

Bree Kelley – @SmartSuiteBree
Bree is a social media professional who works at Nestlé, and loves the nightlife and club scene in her hometown of Cleveland.

Brett Pucino – @BPucino
Though he works as a ghostwriter for multiple clients, Brett is someone whose personality definitely shines through on social media thanks to his opinionated posts about millennials, marketing, and personal branding. And the Yankees — but the less said about that, the better.

Brian Stelter – @brianstelter
I don’t know how he does it, but Brian, the host of CNN’s Reliable Sources and the network’s senior media correspondent, is one of the most interactive media personalities in the business. Not to mention, a new father (his daughter, Sunny, is often featured in his social posts). Pro tip: Subscribe to Brian’s daily Reliable Sources email newsletter. You won’t regret it.

Chris Barrows – @CBarrows
What can I say about Chris? This Mean Girls–loving, Lost-obsessed, clown-hating, Marvel comics and movie geek (and proud member of #TeamCap) is also the host of one of my favorite podcasts (Why I Social), a talented social media and mobile manager at NYU, and a co-chair of the annual EduWeb Digital Summit. Not to mention, a really good guy. May the Force be with him.

Chris Bryant – @The_ChrisBryant
Here’s a fun fact: Chris and I were both named Person of the Year by Time in 2006. These days, good luck finding him without a camera. A video marketing professional, Chris is always filming something, or helping others to tell better video stories. Or, helping me tease Chris Barrows about his hatred of clowns. (Ha!)

Cinnabon – @Cinnabon
Yes, Cinnabon is a brand. But as anyone who has mentioned @Cinnabon on Twitter knows, it’s one brand that is ON IT and will reply almost instantly — usually with a silly pun. Many brands acknowledge customer tweets (and many don’t), but what makes Cinnabon different is that they go above and beyond, joining in on Twitter conversations and not being overly promotional. This isn’t customer service; it’s smart, organic, authentic social marketing. That’s why, as brand accounts go, @Cinnabon is the new gold standard when it comes to Twitter engagement.

Craig DesBrisay – @craigthusiast
A B2B sales specialist, Ruby on Rails developer, sports addict, craft beer-ist, amateur wine taster, and photographer, Craig is someone focused on smart social media use, whose company, Topicurious, offers a social listening and community management tool that helps filter out the overwhelming noise.

Dave Cutler – @cutlerdave
Dave is a marketing pro in Boston who also oversees social media for Boston Tech Jam, an awesome annual event. In addition to being a big Casey Neistat fanboy, Dave roots for all the local sports teams — “local,” including the ones that play in his home state of Rhode Island.

David Poland – @davidpoland
I’m a longtime fan and reader of Dave’s work. He’s a highly opinionated film-industry blogger, as well as host of the DP/30 interview series, and someone who often interacts with readers, whether they agree with him or not.

Deb Filcman – @DebFilcman
Deb is a content marketer and freelance writer, and one of the biggest Bruce Springsteen fans I know. When she’s not working, Deb can often be found checking out live music somewhere in Chicago, or listening to Hamilton, Mavis Staples, Jason Isbell, the Lone Bellow, or other cool acts.

Deborah Johnson – @deborah91473
Legend has it, Deborah and I met and bonded over a shared love for Bruce Springsteen, but I’ve come to know her as a St. Louis Cardinals fan who doesn’t mind that I root for their rivals, the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs. She’s also a runner who loves Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and all the other Peanuts characters.

Erika Heald – @SFErika
Erika is a freelance marketing professional, the host of #ContentChat (Mondays at 3pm EST), a gamer, and cat lover, and simply stated, one of my favorite people. When she’s not seeking out cool coworking spaces, Erika is trying out tasty gluten-free recipes and obsessing about Twin Peaks and other works by David Lynch.

Gabriel Cattani – @GabrielSurfCat
A gymnastics coach and surfer (even in the winter), Boston-based Gabriel is the creator of the daily comic strip Surf’N Turf and, as he describes them, a giver of “lion-sized hugs.”

Garrett Gonzales – @roheblius
You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger (classic) Beverly Hills, 90210 fan than Garrett. The Challenge on MTV, too. But that’s not all: When he’s not heading up neighborhood operations for Nextdoor, Garrett is also into wrestling, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Golden State Warriors.

Glenda Vaquerano – @GlendaVee
Hardly a day goes by that Glenda and I aren’t in touch, either publicly or via DM. She’s simply one of the best people I’ve met via Twitter, and I’ve enjoyed hanging out with her offline too — including in Nashville this past summer. When she’s not laughing at silly puns or obsessing about Minions, Glenda is the PR and social media manager for SexyHair — so she’s all this, and stylish too.

Gregg Weiss – @GreggWeiss
Gregg is a social media and digital marketer always in search of his next “priceless moment” and live-streaming opportunity. He’s also a devoted Yankees fan, but I try not to hold that against him.

Jeff Higgins – @ItsJeffHiggins
One of those “real deal” social media marketers, Jeff is someone who walks the walk, engaging throughout the day and sharing helpful value-added content. (Plus, great photos of Anna Maria Island, where he lives.) He’s also someone who spends his weekends on the sidelines of his kids’ sporting events, and often shares the results with his community.

JMatt – @JMattMke
JMatt has a real name, but this radio DJ and social media manager in Milwaukee has so successfully branded himself that most people just know him by his on-air handle. Which is not to say that he hides behind a “brand.” Rather, JMatt is a frequent chat participant and someone I’ve enjoyed debating landscape vs portrait videos, and other topics, with. Also notable is the work he does to raise awareness of mental health issues and suicide prevention.

Jeff Smith – @TheComicHunter
Jeff is the owner of two comic book shops on his beloved Prince Edward Island and a bass player in the Aron Scott Earthquake, and someone who is so completely committed to keeping Twitter conversational that he spent much of this past year unfollowing anyone who doesn’t engage. Eventually, I will get up to PEI to meet Jeff offline, but in the meantime, he’s doing a great job of augmenting the local tourism office’s work.

Jeff Soto – @SotoSocial
SoCal-based Jeff is a managing content editor and self-described “brand boombox” who can often be found rooting for the Angels and chatting about how to encourage others to be more social.

Joel Renner – @JoelRenner
Joel’s day job is digital strategy and career systems manager at George Washington University, and he’s also a co-chair of the annual EduWeb Digital Summit. But his true passion is using social media tools to build actual relationships. To that end, Joel is the originator of the #JustBeSocial hashtag and the founder of the JustBeSocial.Club, and he manages both the @SocialRoadTrip handle and #SocialRoadTrip chat (Tuesdays at 9pm EST), and plans offline meetups throughout the year.

John Lewis – @JohnWLewis
John is an innovation strategist in the U.K. who works to enable people and organizations to more effectively put their ideas into action. He’s also the host of #innochat (Thursdays at 12pm EST).

John Patrick Pullen – @jppullen
A former coworker who traded Boston for Portland, Oregon, you’ll see John’s byline on and, among other publications. His passion for Apple products and the Red Sox is as strong as his dislike of TV and movie spoilers.

Josh McCormack – @JoshMcCormack
A Dallas-based web developer and blogger, Josh believes in using social media for conversations and relationship building, and he recently unfollowed everyone who didn’t share those same priorities. You’ll find Josh in many popular marketing chats, but he will engage with you about nearly any topic at any time too. Also notable: Josh is the creator of, a site that attempts to promote lesser-known experts who would make for great podcast, Twitter chat, or event guests and speakers, so the same ole people don’t keep getting asked.

Julie Gurner – @DrGurner
A doctor of clinical psychology with a focus on business and media, Julie also loves fitness and animals. She’s one of the nicest, smartest people I’ve come across on social media, and I look forward to having great conversations with her offline some day.

Katy Spencer – @Katyb_Spencer
A PR and social media pro in the higher education space, Katy is also a Boston-based runner and swimmer who will do both of those activities no matter the temperature outside. (God bless her!) And while she’s no fan of candy corn, Katy remains one of the friendliest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting — online and off.

Ken Gordon – @quickmuse
Ken is a “writer, social mediator, and dad” who is usually at the keys of a computer or piano looking for people with whom he can jam. (Seeing him playing piano on Saturday afternoons in Newton Centre was one of the regular highlights of my summer.) Ken has strong opinions and a proclivity for saying “harf” to express his approval, but one of his most distinguishing features is often his quick wit, as his Twitter handle implies. He’s also someone who appreciates those who make social media more social.

Ken Murray – @MurrayMaker
A Boston-based writer, film critic, and producer, Ken is a lover of The Walking Dead, The Flash, and The Simpsons, and an actor who can be seen in such films as the Ghostbusters remake and Bad Moms Christmas.

Krystal Blais – @KrystalBlais
A digital marketing specialist in St. Petersburg, Florida, Krystal is a lover of comic books and dogs who is skilled with puns — especially when they involve Taylor Swift song lyrics.

Lauchlin MacDonald – @lauchlin
A writer, propagandist, and “history’s greatest monster” (that’s what he says, anyway), Lauchlin is also a lover of hot wings, sunshine, and talking to strangers, who recently moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and still misses his beloved Montreal.

Lin-Manuel Miranda – @Lin_Manuel
Yes, Lin wrote Hamilton. And yes, he’s an in-demand actor and songwriter who’ll be starring in Mary Poppins Returns next year. And yes, he’s a tireless advocate for Puerto Rico and the rights of immigrants. But somehow, Lin seems to always have time to interact with his fans on Twitter.

Lucy Rendler Kaplan – @LucyRK78
Lucy is a marketer and writer, and the founder of Arkay Marketing & PR, who in her limited spare time also acts and enjoys cooking, walking her adorable dog, rooting for the Chicago Cubs and Green Bay Packers, and dreaming of her next trip back to Los Angeles. And PS: Lucy knows everybody. Legit. Singers, actors, comedians … you name it. And she often has the pictures to prove it.

Maddie Yardley – @maddieyardley
I don’t know too many people (if any) who are as obsessed with MTV reality shows as Maddie is. She is my go-to whenever I want to chat about The Challenge or Are You the One?, among other shows. But she’s also a fantastic photographer whose Instagram profile is worth following.

Mark Salke – @MarkSalke
Mark is a Dallas-based communications professional who is into classic music and classic cars, and good conversation with other smart people like himself.

Matt Black – @MattBlackInk
An engagement and communications specialist in Toronto, Matt also helps entrepreneurs and small- to medium-sized businesses create content that inspires customer action and shapes brand stories.

Matthew Robinson – @Robinsonpost
Matt is a PM at Amazon and devoted family man who loves running and being outside in the area around Seattle. In fact, he’s currently training for the Spartan Trifecta. I’ve enjoyed interacting with Matt about a number of topics, and seeing his posts from his “runch” outings.

Maureen Jann – @SuperDeluxeMo
Maureen is marketing director and strategist at SuperDeluxe, a branding, strategy, content, and personal branding agency in Seattle. A frequent attendee of Twitter chats, Maureen is also a podcast hostess and blogger who loves weird shoes, her family, and pug dogs.

Michele Costa – @CrochetMichele
It’s right there in her handle: Michele is a knitting and crocheting enthusiast, and the founder of 144 Stitches, which sells handmade knitwear. She’s also the creator of Stitch & Hustle, “a blog for people who make things.” Michele does great work, and her efforts every winter to give out hats and scarves to those in need are impressive. But what she and I often chat about is our mutual frustration with the political climate in the U.S.

Mike Myers – @MikeMyers614
No, this Mike Myers is not the guy from Shrek, SNL, or the Halloween movies. (Nor does he actually wear a hat, as he’s often quick to point out.) This Mike Myers is a very smart content marketer, currently with Nationwide, who loves taunting University of Michigan fans with his arsenal of jokes (he roots for The Ohio State University).

Mike Rana – @MichaelRanaii
Mike is a freelance marketing pro and travel enthusiast whose goal is to live in at least 10 states, and visit all 50. (Currently, he lives in Massachusetts.) Both his education and career have included some diverse experiences, which means today, he’s someone who can bring a unique and informed perspective to nearly any conversation — though it’s a good idea to stay away from anything government-related.

Monina Wagner – @MoninaW
Mo is the beloved community manager behind the Content Marketing Institute’s social media handles, moderator of the weekly #CMWorld chat (Tuesdays at 12pm EST), a huge fan of Disney and Sara Bareilles, and one of my favorite people. She’s sweet, smart, and sometimes snarky, and those endearing qualities help me overlook the fact that she’s also a devoted fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Nycole Hampton – @MsNycole
Before she moved across the country earlier this year, Nycole was one of my go-to experts on Chicago rooftops and other hot spots. I even got the chance to hang out with her when I was in town in October. Now Nycole is living in Los Angeles and loving it, as her Instagram profile can attest. Stay tuned as she explores and discovers all the cool places there.

Peter Stringer – @PeterStringer
In the last year, Peter left his job as vice president of digital media for the Boston Celtics to become the vice president of social media for UFC. Thankfully, the change hasn’t stopped “the String” from traveling and sharing his great photos on Instagram.

Randy Thio – @IdeaBloke
Randy and I met offline for the first time in Austin earlier this year and bonded over donuts, BBQ, and giant “Manmosas.” When we’re not recounting what a fun trip that was, and planning for the next one, Randy is focused on organic social media, and encouraging conversation wherever he can. That, and early morning coffee runs to his local non-Starbucks.

Remy Bergsma – @RemyBergsma
Remy is an online marketing specialist, based in the Netherlands, who focuses on email marketing; we used to be industry peers a few years back. I continue to be impressed by his awesome photography and videography, and fascinated by his love of astronomy and astrophotography.

Rob Zaleski – @robzie_
Thanks to Rob, I had some of the best BBQ ever when I hung out in Austin earlier this year (at Cooper’s, if you’re curious). Rob is a content marketer and podcaster whose passion for good marketing and smart use of social media is matched only by his undying commitment to his beleaguered Cleveland Browns. They’ll win someday, Rob. Ha!

Scott Ontiveroz – @ScottOntiveroz
Scott is a Kansas City Chiefs fan, but I try not to hold that against him. All kidding aside, Scott is a social media marketing professional in San Antonio, who digs tacos, sports tech, Excel, and web culture. I enjoyed hanging out with Scott offline twice this year and look forward to seeing him again soon when I speak at one of his company’s events in early 2018.

Stephan Hovnanian – @Stephanhov
When it comes to marketing professionals with a specialty in employee advocacy, you can’t do much better than Boston-based Stephan. When he’s not traveling back and forth to Chicago to visit his coworkers at Sprout Social, Stephan is tweeting from the sidelines of his daughter’s sporting events using his other Twitter handle, @AnalystThis.

Stephen McLennon – @StMacLennan
An entrepreneur and self-taught Rubyist, Stephen is an over-caffeinated web developer based in South Africa. In fact, he admits in his Twitter bio that he’s “probably 5 or 6 cups over the recommended daily allowance for caffeine limit right now.” Ha!

Su Doyle – @sudoyle
Su is a Boston-based freelance product strategist, CMO for hire, and behind-the-scenes logistics geek who is fascinated by the Internet of Things, customer experience, and instrumenting the buyer journey. I love how she visualizes social media concepts; Su’s tweets of fun, quick illustrations often bring basic concepts to life.

Ted Bauer – @TedBauer2003
Haaaaave you met Ted? I have — twice, during the #SocialRoadTrip weekends this year in Austin and Boston. One of the funniest, smartest people I know, Ted is someone who is always hitting targets and ringing bells, and going in search of parties with purpose, when he’s not listening to soft acoustic music. Seriously, though, Ted is a talented writer and ghostwriter, whose excellent blog, The Context of Things, focuses mostly on HR- and workplace-related topics.

Terra Walker – @Terra_Walker
Colorado native Terra remains a loyal Denver Broncos fan, even though she recently moved to south Florida, home of the Miami Dolphins. That’s dedication! Terra is an avid traveler and amateur astronomer, and her blog, A Spork in the Road, covers food, events, and other topics. She also considers herself a “Happiness Junkie,” and that made for some even better times when we hung out in Austin earlier this year.

Toby Metcalf – @Toby_Metcalf
Toby and I interact so regularly every week that some folks have even commented on our apparent bromance. Ha! But it’s true: Toby is a good guy who frequents some of the same chats I do, and shares many of the same beliefs I do about social needing to be more social, so it’s no wonder we have much to interact about. When not working and tweeting, Toby is a hockey player and fan, and a foodie who loves grilling, craft beer, wine, deep-drying turkeys, and delicious sandwiches.

Tom Reid – @_TomGReid
Tom is an author, speaker, and mentor, who specializes in leadership and government contracting. In fact, his recently published book, Sustained Leadership WBS, is a comprehensive tool for identifying and improving leadership potential. But Tom isn’t all serious: His dry wit is often evident during Twitter chats and, especially, when joining #SocialRoadTrip meetups. I enjoyed hanging out with Tom and getting to know him in both Austin and Boston this year.

Vincent Orleck – @VincentOrleck
Vincent wants you to know he is #NotAGuru, maven, ninja, or rock star. In fact, his social posts make it clear that he has no tolerance for self-inflated “influencers” or purveyors of #realtalk. On the other hand, what Vincent is is a smart social media professional, blogger, podcaster, co-host of #podcastchat (Thursdays at 9pm EST), and CMO of BRANDish, an agency in Phoenix. In addition, he’s a native of Rhode Island who, thankfully, has stayed loyal to the New England Patriots.

Vincenzo Landino – @VincenzoLandino
Someone who walks the walk when it comes to sharing social media advice and making social media more social — particularly when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Ohio State Buckeyes football — Vincenzo is the CEO and head of innovation at AfterMarq, the creative agency he runs with his wife, Amy. He also hosts the Brand Boost Podcast and is an avid wine maker and taster.

It goes without saying, but I endorse each and every single one of the people on this list and hope you’ll connect and engage with them all. (I’ll make it easy for you: Here’s a Twitter list I created that includes everyone mentioned in this blog post.)

Thank you again to everyone on this list for the conversations, both serious and silly, in 2017. Here’s to a social media community in 2018 that’s alive and well, and even more social than the one we’re enjoying today!

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