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You Can Thank Me Later

13 Sep

Sometimes I feel like I see movies so you don’t have to. That’s not to say that School for Scoundrels is soooo bad. But considering it’s directed and co-written by the guy who did Old School and features a cast including Billy Bob Thornton, Sarah Silverman, David Cross, and Jon Heder, it’s a bit of a disappointment that it’s not terribly good. Heder plays Roger, a timid traffic cop who enrolls in a confidence class taught by Dr. P (Thornton). Roger’s attitude changes so much that Dr. P engages Roger in a game of one-upmanship to see who can win the affection of Amanda (Jacinda Barrett — yes, her again), a woman who lives in Roger’s building who he has a crush on. Anyway, the film has a couple good laughs and it’s nice to see Heder playing a person, not a character, but other than that, ehhhhh. School for Scoundrels gets a C. It’s out on September 29. Don’t bother.