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Bright Sun

5 Sep

Picked up Ray LaMontagne‘s new CD, Till the Sun Turns Black, this weekend and I have to say, I love this album. You already know I love Ray’s cover of “Crazy” (the Gnarls Barkley song that everyone, even Billy Idol, has covered this summer) and this makes me like him even more. From the lush (can I use that word to describe Ray’s music?) and string-filled first track, “Be Here Now,” and “Can I Stay,” to the more jangly, jazzy “You Can Bring Me Flowers,” and on, this is great listening. I especially love “Three More Days,” which is soulful and catchy, and sounds like classic Joe Cocker. Till the Sun Turns Black is a beautiful album that seems to be a big jump from Ray’s last CD, Trouble (which, admittedly, I don’t own, but have heard a lot of). Consider this one highly recommended. Go pick it up and listen for yourself.