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Kissing Summer Roberts

12 Sep

Michael, the character Zach Braff plays in The Last Kiss, has a pretty sweet life, and he knows it.

He’s got a good job, great friends, and a beautiful girlfriend named Jenna (Jacinda Barrett) who loves him and who is carrying their child.

But Jenna wants to get married and buy a house, so Michael is getting antsy and nervous about the way his life is not just inching but sprinting toward more responsibility. Wasn’t it just yesterday that he was a twentysomething and didn’t have a care in the world? Now Michael is about to turn 30 and adulthood responsibilities await. Continue reading

Good Eats

12 Sep

I know I’ve already posted two things today, but I just had to rave about my lunch.

Went with JPP to a new place (for me, anyway) called Sam LaGrassa’s, where JPP said I would have the best sandwich ever.

Boy, was he ever right.

I had a basic roast beef sammidge, with mayo and lettuce, and damn was this good. Continue reading

Free Ice Cream!

12 Sep

As an ice cream lover, there’s nothing more exciting to me than a free cone — even when the temperatures here in Boston have cooled off. So thanks to Sara for tipping me off about a free cone offer from Brigham’s. Every day from now until Sunday, just go to this site and click on the link to print your coupon. There’s a different free flavor coupon every day. Today, for example, is Vanilla. Friday is Curse Reversed. Enjoy!

Cleaning Out My Wallet

12 Sep

This is going to be an expensive week for me at Best Buy. Today’s a big day for DVD and CD releases, including …
* The Office: Season Two DVD
* Grey’s Anatomy: Season Two DVD
* Grey’s Anatomy: Season Two soundtrack
* John Mayer‘s new CD, Continuum
* Barenaked Ladies‘ new CD, Barenaked Ladies Are Me
* Justin Timberlake‘s new CD, FutureSex/LoveSounds (though I might not actually buy this one since I already downloaded it — shhhhhhh — and don’t exactly love it)

And I guess that’s enough for one week! Damn. Good thing the My Name Is Earl: Season One DVD doesn’t come out until next week. Well, I guess I had too much money in my wallet anyway.