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Four for Fore (and More)

10 Sep

When Joe, Marie and I (and Marie’s cousin, Jenny) met up on Saturday afternoon, we had a four-item to-do list:
* lunch
* miniature golf
* bumper boats
* ice cream
Lunch was taken care of in Concord. After that, we headed to Kimball Farm in Westford, Mass. After finding parking, we grabbed our clubs and played a competitive (ha!) 18 holes of miniature golf. Thankfully, we put a four-“stroke” limit on each hole. That evened things out. Then again, I was awfully proud of my hole-in-one on one of the holes. But it was a great course, well designed, and fast-moving.

After taking a turn on the bumper boats, we endured the long lines for some ice cream. (Seriously. We must have waited about a half hour.) But it was all worth it; the ice cream was yummy and the weather couldn’t have been much better. This was the most recent stop on Joe, Marie and my Ice Cream Tour of Boston, and we had wanted to get up to Kimball Farm for more than a year. Now we can cross it off our list.

So all told, it was a nice day trip. I recommend it to anyone looking to “get away” and do something a little different. In addition to the mini golf and bumper boats at Kimball Farm, there’s also a regular golf driving range and a country store, and just a nice drive through “the country” to get up there. For the four of us, it was mission accomplished.