I Love You All

28 Oct

Did you know that tomorrow is Positive People Day? It has been so declared by an organization called Victory Over Violence. I was reminded of this fact by the folks in South Station this morning who were handing out reminder cards and posters.

So how does one celebrate Positive People Day? Well, aside from the obvious (being a positive person), the group’s web site says you’re supposed to do random acts of kindness: smile (often), give a hug (though it’s not specified to whom), thank someone, pay an unexpected compliment, share a laugh or a kind word, or call your mother or a loved one.

I’m going to do all those things (look out!) and also celebrate all those in my life who have a positive attitude — like Jenn, a loyal and enthusiastic reader of this site who sits at the corner desk in my office near the kitchen and always has a friendly smile on her face (hi, Jenn!) — and who encourage me to have a positive attitude.

I’m not going to question the fact that we even need a Positive People Day, or the randomness of why Underdog is the day’s mascot. Why? Because doing so would run counter to the day’s goals. La-dee-dah, I will just say that this is the most wonderful day of the year. Yahooie!

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