I Always Did Like Saying "Coxswain"

21 Oct

Is the Head of the Charles really this weekend?

I remember when this was one of the biggest events of the year, when you’d make plans with your friends to go over, watch some races and make a whole afternoon of it, and it felt like the whole city was over there on the water.

In fact, I even remember when Mr. Stickman went out rowing on the Charles River on the same day as the Head of the Charles and got hit by the Brandeis crew team. (One of Vijay’s best Mr. Stickman strips from back in the day.)

Then last year the weekend was more significant because it coincided with games one and two of the World Series and, well, people had better things on their mind.

So now Head of the Charles is upon us again and I haven’t heard a single thing about it.

Am I just oblivious?

Are there signs and posters and banners all over the city that I’ve totally missed?

I mean, I’m sure there’ll be a special section today in the Globe, but that’ll really be the first time I’ve heard anyone mention it this year.

Or is it that I’m getting too old for the Head of the Charles, if that’s possible.

I always thought it was a city-wide event, but maybe it’s just a college thing.

Of course, who knew that in a city like Boston, you could ever feel detached from something as college-related as Head of the Charles.

Is anyone else out there planning to go to the river?

Or did you, too, totally miss the fact that the Head of the Charles is this weekend?

Or, has this event just gone past its prime and no one cares anymore?

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