Salt of the Earth

18 Oct

Thanks to my sister and her fiancee for one of the best laughs I’ve had in a long time.

On Epicurious, the online recipe site, you’ll find recipes for most every dish — including “Salted Water for Boiling.” (Yes, I guess some people need a recipe for that.) But that’s not the laugh, see.

The site allows for comments from readers, and this particular recipe, which went up in November 2001, has so far accumulated 637. That’s six hundred and thirty seven reviews about boiled saltwater. Here’s one posted just a couple days ago by “kinwart,” a reader from from Southern California:

I hated this recipe. I didn’t have any water so I used juice and I don’t like salt so I substituted with baking powder. It was nasty. Don’t waste your time.

When you have the time and want a laugh, click here to read the other 636. (It’ll help if you’re in a particularly silly mood.) You’ll thank me later.

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