So This Is Morning World …

17 Oct

It’s official: I’m not a morning person. Had to get up early (i.e.: at 6 am) to take care of some car repairs and even when I got out of the bathroom post-shower and washing up it was still dark out. I’m the kind of guy who will hit snooze every 9 minutes for an hour just because he doesn’t like the song playing on the radio, or because it just didn’t feel right and I needed 9 more minutes, so I just can’t get behind all those people who wake up early by choice. Sure, no one likes staying in the office too late (myself included), and I’d wake up early for work if I had to, but if given the choice of being here at 8 am or staying until 7 pm, I’ll take the later option. Waking up early is just no fun. And no, I’m not a coffee drinker. So right now I’m chugging from a can of Coke (diet, because we were all out of regular. Argh).

Happy Monday y’all.

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