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Hey Zuck … Leave Facebook Alone, Will Ya?

7 Oct

During a much-buzzed-about press conference yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg announced two significant changes to Facebook: Users will now be able to download all their data to their desktops for safe keeping, and they’ll also be able to more easily segment their friends into groups.


It’s nice to see the site evolve, and for Zuck to continue introducing forward-thinking innovations that make Facebook an even more important part of our lives.

(And I’m sure he liked taking more attention away from The Social Network too.)

Except it isn’t so nice. Quite frankly, I’m getting really tired of Zuck changing the site on me every few months, or even more frequently than that.

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All Creation Myths Need a Devil

29 Sep

Whatever your feelings regarding Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg before seeing The Social Network, you’re bound to have them intensified.

That’s because the film, which details the early days of the site, portrays the guy as both a nerd superhero and total jerk, and it’s up to the viewer to decide which label sticks.

For me, it’s not an all or nothing answer, and I suspect I won’t be alone when I say I started on one side and moved more to the middle by film’s end, but never crossed all the way over.

Regardless of where you come down on the debate, however, it’s hard to deny that The Social Network makes great entertainment out of one of this generation’s biggest Internet success stories. Continue reading

The Other Facebook Movie

24 Sep

The new film Catfish raises a few questions.

Among them, which will be the bigger PR threat to Facebook, this movie or The Social Network?

And perhaps more importantly, is this film even real?

That second question hangs over this entire film, a “reality thriller” (don’t call it a documentary) about a guy who meets a girl and her family on Facebook and comes to realize they are not exactly as they seem.

I don’t want to spoil too much about Catfish because most of the movie’s appeal comes from watching things develop. But suffice it to say, where you come down on the “is it real?” debate definitely affects how you feel about the movie. Continue reading

The Facebook Book

8 Sep

I finally finished reading Ben Mezrich’s The Accidental Billionaires last week.

I say finally because it only took me, oh, about a year to do so. That’s not indicative of how much I enjoyed the book. Rather, it’s just that the book fell victim to my lack of reading time and my laziness about finding time to read.

Actually, this summer, as I got more and more excited about seeing The Social Network, I made the time to read, and I spent a number of Sunday afternoons outside reading the book.

And I’m glad I did. Continue reading

Gimme Five!

1 Sep

I never thought this day would come.

My friends … today, September 1, 2010, marks the fifth anniversary of my very first blog post. That’s right: I’ve been blogging on Martin’s Musings for five years. Never thought I’d get past the first year or two, much less five. But here I am, still writing. And more impressive, I still have people reading my blog posts. So before I go any further, let me take a moment to say thank you for that.

I’ll accept your wood and silverware now.

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, then you’ve no doubt noticed the changes that have occurred. And you’ve probably also noticed that in the last year or so, posts have gotten less frequent — and more often than not, they’ve been movie reviews. For that you can probably thank my activity on Facebook and Twitter and the blog I maintain for work for giving me other venues to do my thing. But I’m not making excuses. Rather, let’s spin this and say my blogging here has been so successful that I’ve branched out, and am now communicating in multiple places.

Or, let’s just say that passing the five-year mark is a good reminder that I should do what I can to keep this blog going strong. After all, this is where it began. This is my communications hub. So as I start my second half-decade, I make this promise to you, dear readers, that I will try my best to keep this blog active and enjoyable. I’ve written a total of 1,407 posts so far. If you keep reading, I’ll keep writing.

Social Media Sure Is Delicious

25 Aug

I don’t in any way pretend to be a social media expert.

Sure, I’m an active user of Facebook and Twitter, I have a blog, and now I’ve even started checking in everywhere on Foursquare.

And sure, some people I work with think I’m an expert.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned when it comes to social media, it’s that nobody knows anything (to borrow the phrase from William Goldman), and we’re all making it up as we go along.

So I’ll let other people label themselves as social media gurus, experts, ninjas, or whatever word they’re using these days. Me, an expert? I’m not ready for that kind of label just yet.

That all said, I really do enjoy social networking. Continue reading

I “Like” This

20 Jul

I’m a believer that the quality and quantity of the trailers shown before a film can adversely or positively affect the moviegoing experience, no matter how good the movie itself is.

So suffice it to say, on Saturday, when I saw the awesome Inception, having the new trailer for The Social Network (i.e., the Facebook movie) playing before the film made the experience even better. Continue reading

Follow Me

28 Oct

It’s no secret that I love Facebook.

I enjoy reconnecting with old friends, getting to know new ones even better, keeping up-to-date-with people I know (even if we’re not actually “in touch”), sharing interesting items and news stories, and most fun of all, coming up with amusing status updates — even if many of them are just song lyrics.

Facebook has become nothing short of an addiction for me; it’s a routine, a site I check often throughout the day, and one I genuinely love visiting and spending time on.

Facebook’s a community site, and while it’s not perfect, I tend to find value in being a part of it every day.

And, it’s a site I feel I’ve become “good” at using.

And then there’s Twitter …

On the other hand, I’ve never quite understood Twitter. Continue reading

Give Me a Hug

2 Feb

Just a reminder that today, February 2, is Hug a Jew Day, as declared by a guy named Eitan Abir on Facebook. No kidding. According to the official page on Facebook, there are more than 228,000 people who will be celebrating all around the world. Are you one of them? If you would like to get in on the fun but are someone with no Jews in your life and need someone to hug, let me know and I’ll hook you up.

Quick Thoughts

30 Aug

For the past few weeks, due to construction, the outbound B-line has been stopping at Lake Street and not going all the way into the Boston College T stop. I’m surprised no one’s been hit by a car yet.

I recently started using vanilla-flavored toothpaste, and I really like the taste of it. Is that wrong, or is that the whole point: that if I like the taste, maybe I’ll brush more often.

I have nearly 325 friends on Facebook now. How did that happen?

Bruce Springsteen’s in the neighborhood this weekend dropping his kid off at BC. I wonder what the chances are that I’ll see Bruce at White Mountain Creamery.

I love John McCain’s choice of VP. Can someone just declare Barack Obama the winner now and spare us the next 65 or so days of campaigning?

For the first time in about eight years, I’m living on Comm Ave on Labor Day weekend. Oh, the horror. I guess summer’s officially over now.

Any chance Dustin Pedroia is going to be the AL MVP this year? I sure think so. (And just fyi: I’ve been saying this for weeks now. I’m not on the bandwagon — I’m leading it.)

The new 90210 starts on Tuesday night. Not sure I could be more excited.

Why can’t every weekend be three days long?

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