Summer in Michigan City

6 Jul

Growing up in suburban New York, I never thought that one day I’d get really excited about spending July 4 in Michigan City, Indiana.

But after going there last year and having a great time, that’s what’s happened. So that’s why I went to Chicago this weekend.

Thursday and Friday I wandered around town (about 6 miles of walking, in fact), took a day trip to Evanston to see Northwestern (just for fun), checked out two of Chicago’s leading cupcake places (Molly’s and Sweet Mandy B’s — both of which were tasty, but not as good as the hype), had some custom-made rapid-frozen ice cream at a place called iCream (really, that’s its name), and finally got to meet my friends’ daughter, who is totally cute.

But spending the weekend in Lake Michigan was the highlight of the trip.

Like last year (and every other year), there was Drunken Salami (i.e.: salami that’s been marinating in Scotch and Russian dressing for months, and then grilled — yum), beach time, sun, an awesome sunset, fireworks on the beach, a bonfire, s’mores, good friends, and a good time. “Chuck Wagon” was there, as were some other folks I had met last year.

A bunch of young kids added extra excitement to this year’s festivities.

Oh yeah, and we also stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home. Can’t go to Michigan City without doing that.

It’s been nice to be included in this traditional gathering now for two years, and it’s no exaggeration to say that I’m already looking forward to next year’s celebration. (And this is coming from a guy who used to think there was no better place for July 4th than Boston. How times have changed.)

Overall, like trips to Chicago in the past, this was a great one.

Beautiful weather (alright, fine, maybe it was a little too hot), I went to went to favorite places (like the Bean), saw and did some new things too, and came home thinking I should go back more often.

And as a bonus, I came home with a tan!

So yeah, a good time had by all.

Want to see pictures?
Chicago and Evanston
Weekend in Michigan City

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